Solidify ideas

It is 10 years now that I started 3d printing. I can do it with variuos tecniques and machines. I know what you think fellas: “IT’S ALL PLASTIC RUBBISH”.

Well dear…..



3D print is for me the way to make real my ideas, solidify projects, produce functional stuff, beautiful stuff, big things and very small ones.

It is a revolution that I can do it on my desktop, design 3D models on my pc and realize that straight away. A kind of magic that feels good. I also give models life with my artistic skills painting, sanding and finishing the prints.

I can made the hell out of the virtual world what you dream of. I make solid ideas, straight away. I can produce then from a 3D print in rubbish plastic, strong technical materials, priceless metal and whatever you ask about.

What can I do: print, material selection, oriented production, finishing, painting