Born, living, will die

Between born and end, this is what I do and I am.

Mattia Galli, born in 1981, lived in different places in Italy, some times in London. I studied as illustrator and animator and I did that job for start. Then I discover the 3D printing, Arduino programming and I started a new adventure that bring me to create physical things. I liked so much leaving the virtual world of the screen and feel my creations in my hands.

As I learned a lot in this field I started to get requests about teaching what I can do and so I begun a parallel career of education in schools, offices and for professionals. Covering fields from technical to artistic and being partner as well in projects.

I have various skills from hand drawn picture to 3D design and 3D sculpture to 3D scanning. I like to have my hand dirty and full of things to do. Make solid things, movies or digital art for me is form of expression. That leads to give birth to many projects and ideas that now are all here on my space to convey the best experience I can give to anyone interested in my skills.

I worked for various company as RAI and Sony for animation, many companies that print in 3D, I started the first course in Italy in a graphic school that teaches 3D modeling for 3D printing in Blender.

Near future is always unknown, but always exciting. I don’t put many limits in my evolution, feel free to contact me if something you find in my experiences sounds good for your business, projects or ideas.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Blender, Davinci Resolve, Opentoonz, Adobe Suite, video editing, video compositing, digital art, traditional art, animation (2D and 3D), pixel art, voxel art